About the Campaign for a Decade of Accountability for the SDGs

The Campaign for a Decade of Accountability for the SDGs is a multi-stakeholder partnership mobilizing accountability actors from a wide range of sectors to support accountability for the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The Campaign will look to bolster concerted action and amplify efforts to hold duty bearers to account for their commitments to sustainable development in a coordinated manner. To do this, the campaign will look engage a wide range of stakeholder communities – all of whom serve as a critical piece of the accountability puzzle for the SDGs. The Campaign is complementary to the “Decade of Action and Delivery” agreed upon by governments at the 2019 SDGs Summit, and is intended to ensure that governments live up to their commitments to advance the 2030 Agenda at all levels. 

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Fill out our SDG Accountability Survey, which will feed into a first-of-its-kind Global SDG Accountability Report launched in late 2020!

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The Global SDG Accountability Survey

Contribute your insights into the first-of-its-kind Global SDG Accountability Survey, available now in 4 languages!

This survey is intended to collect reflections and inputs from any interested stakeholder working to advance the implementation and accountability of the 2030 Agenda. The inputs into this survey will feed into a groundbreaking “Global SDG Accountability Report” launched later in 2020, which will provide insights and recommendations for advancing accountability for the 2030 Agenda through the Decade of Accountability for the SDGs.

Share your insights into the Global SDG Accountability Survey through 31 July 2020:

Become an "SDG Accountability Champion"

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